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Mould Treatment

If you are looking for a Mould treatment expert in Carmarthen then you are in luck.

We have been dealing with mould in properties since 2016, all with fantastic results.


What Is Mould?

Mould is a fungus that if left in the right conditions can multiply at an astonishing rate causing health problems.

What Are The Most Common Health Issues Association With Mould?

  • Asthma
  • Skin/Eye/Lung & Nose irritation
  • Allergies
  • Lung Disease

Most people we speak to think it's damage to their building that is the cause of their mould problem.

The truth of the matter is over 90% of mould growth actually comes from the lack of ventilation, resulting in condensation.

Many builders may tell you it is caused by rising damp - The truth is Mould is Unlikely to grow on moisture from penetrating or rising damp, it generally grows on clean water (condensation)

What Is Condensation?

Condensation is water vapour in the air.

When this vapour cools down it settles as a liquid. You have probably noticed this on your:

  • Window frames in the corners
  • In the corners by skirting boards
  • Blistering Plaster

Yes, all these are caused by excess water with nowhere to escape.


What Causes Condensation? There Are A Few Things To Consider!

  • Cooking Food
  • Drying Washing in the machine with no windows open
  • Drying Clothes on a radiator is a big one
  • Steam from baths/Showers
  • Obvious one is simply breathing!

Are There Things You Can Do To Help Prevent This?

  • Buy a Dehumidifier and place it in the places most affected.
  • Ensure bathroom fans are on for a while during & after a bath or shower, if you don't have one, open  windows. I strongly recommend getting one fitted if you find your having problems.
  • Leave windows on the latch.
  • When cooking put on the extractor fan and/or if you haven't got one open windows.
  • Don't use radiators to dry clothes, try a clothes airier instead as this won't trap the heat.

Ventilation Is Key -

Moisture Needs To Escape.

No Moisture = No Problem

What We Provide

We Provide a mould treatment service, this often involves cleaning all the affected areas. What we do won't work on unclean surfaces, so we always ask that areas are free from any underlying issues. This could be damp and cracks in the exterior wall, allowing moisture in causing cold spots which allows condensation to form.

Benefits Of Using Us

  • Our Formula is effective against Harmful Bacteria, Fungus, Odours and Viruses , including SARS-COV2
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Safe for humans and animals. It only kills things of a molecular size.
  • Non Corrosive
  • Return to your property in approximately 1 hour (minimal disruption)
Mould treatment



Mould Treatment

Why Our Formula Works So Well


Mould needs to be comfortable in order to reproduce and grow.

Our unique formula has a make up to ensure that mould can't sit still.

Imagine trying to sleep on a bed of nails! You would soon get up!

if Mould can't get comfortable then it can not grow!