• Leather Cleaning

Leather Cleaning, Repairs & Re-Colouring

Are You Dreaming Of A Clean Beautiful Home?

Leather adds rich colour & texture to your room and furniture. We often overlook  the maintenance though and it can look tired and dirty.


our expert cleaning service can bring your furniture back to life, revealing the clean and beautiful material that is sure to rejuvenate the look of your room.

Leather Cleaning, Repairing & Re-Colouring all done in this amazing transformation to a sofa cushion.

What Are The Key Benefits  Of Having Your Leather Cleaned By Us?

Kills Bacteria & Bugs That Live In Your Leather.

When you have leather, as with fabric upholstery, dirt, bacteria and insects can settle in the material. Rather than aggravating these substances and releasing them into your home, we use a method that both cleans and removes the from your leather.

Decreases The Chance Of Rips & Tears.

By taking care of your leather, you reduce the risk of having rips & tears, thus prolonging its lifespan.

Keep you items looking newer for longer.

Buying leather is expensive. Delay buying new furniture buy choosing a leather care service like ours that will carefully clean your leather and extend the life of your items.

Re hydrates The Leather to Prevent Cracking.

We offer a very meticulous cleaning method that re hydrates your leather, preventing the dreaded cracks that can occur.

Cleans Without Stripping The Protective Layer.

Leather is a fragile material and so we clean it with carefully selected products and a specially designed method, so as not to degrade the protective layer.


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