• Car Odour removal

Car Odour Removal

Odour Removal

We offer a superior car odour removal service unlike usual cleaners, offering a non toxic, child & pet friendly way to remove odours in your car.

We are NOT a valeting service, we are a unique service that do what others fail, Valeting companies will make the appearance of your car look clean and mask the odour but often the odour returns after a few weeks.


odour removal

Cleaning Specialists In Removing

  • Cigarette Odour removal
  • Milk Spillage & Odour
  • Vomit
  • Urine
  • Bacteria/ Mould/ Viruses
  • Pet Odours
  • Dirt  & Stains on upholstery

Fabric & Leather Cleaning

We use a strict multi stage cleaning process that offers quicker drying times with guaranteed results compared to regular car seat cleaning. Our Process includes thorough vacuuming, preconditioning with our unique Eco friendly product and thorough rinsing, leaving the areas chemical free. After we have deep cleaned, upholstery is usually dry in 30-45 minutes.

For those vehicles with Leather upholstery we use Products that are designed to gently deep clean out dirt, remove clothing dye and destroy odours & bacteria all without effecting the protective clear coat.

We also offer a repair and re-colour service on leather, so any unexpected snags or scratches don't need to be a problem anymore.

How Do We Remove The Odour?

The best way for odour removal in your car is to remove the source, This could be an easy fix to a full cleanse of all and everything inside.

Milk spillages can cause horrid smells once it has settled and curdled, these odours come from particular areas and can usually be singled out if action is taken quickly.

Smoke Odours will effect the whole of the vehicle and there is only one option and that is to cleanse every aspect of the interior.

Following a specially thought out process we ensure all areas of the vehicle have been sanitised followed by a thorough ozone treatment to make sure all airways have been treated.

Where Do We Offer Our Car Odour Removal Services?

If you Cant see Your area , Don't Worry, We may still be able to help you.